Sanger High School Go Apaches!  It was a cold, wet drizzly night in Sanger, California as the Lipan Apache Band of Texas danced there way onto the Sanger High school football field as those who attended watched. When the Apache reached the center field Chairman Daniel Romero speaking in his native Lipan language said a little prayer to open the Sanger High Home Coming Ceremonies. Afterwards he spoke a bit about the Lipan history how the Lipan Apache became to be who there are today through trails and tribulations as everyone who attended listen intently in the stands. When he completed his speech the Lipan Apache Band of Texas danced to the beat of the drums as they left the field.
2008 Sanger High (Apaches) School Home Coming Ceremonies with the Lipan Apache Band of Texas!
Sanger High Apaches 2008 "Year Book" front page. The Sanger High School honored the Lipan Apache Band of Texas by placing the Lipan Band on the Sanger High Apaches 2008 Year Book front page. Daniel Romero Lipan Apache Band of Texas Chairman spoke with Sanger High School (Apaches) Principle and and made arrangements for the Lipan Apache to come to their homecoming game Friday October 12, 2007.
Pictured on the 2008 Sanger High School year book is Richard Gonzalez of the Lipan Apache Band of Texas.
Lipan Apache Band of Texas on far right Chairman Daniel Romero Dedication page
Dedication page to the Lipan Apache
Front Page of Year Book
Richard Gonzalez
Sanger High Apaches 2008 year book front page.
Cuelgas de Castro was a Lipan Apache that was chosen to lead the Apaches and as time went on other Apache leaders such as, Juan and Ramon Castro, were asked for their assistance in protection from unlawful settlers or other warring Indians that had been displaced by the United States government in the east. moreā€¦
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